Marco Friedl e.K., Eugenstr. 2, D-71229 Leonberg









Marco Friedl is working for more than 25 years in the food business. There is no need to talk a lot about Marco Friedl and his work as he is known very well already at customers.

Almost every kind of semi finished mushrooms in brine, vinegar and i.q.f. for industry use. Cans and jars for wholesale- and retail markets in Europe are supplied as well.

Since many years export and supply of western food to the growing retail markets in Asia. Almost every item from Europe can be offered and shipped out by sea- and airfreight.



Marco Friedl is travelling frequently to Asia to join exhibitions, visiting new factories and checking products to assure and keep the quality standards for the customers.

Exhibition in Asia

Factory inspection in China

Interview for a Chinese TV channel after visiting a factory

Quality check of mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom farm